Friday, June 8, 2012


Blood Legion (Malaysia)
Promo 2012

A multi-racial band, I guess one that depicts the good spirit of 1Malaysia. I was in contact with Hann from the band, and after a few days, this promo came and surprisingly, it was not from the band itself. I was asked by another friend to review this promo on their behalf.

Since I am planning for something, thus I can only show a short review about this release. It is a 3-track promo, the sound is moderate, not in the top notch quality, but above par as a promo. The tunes are mid-tempo, quite catchy, less aggressive. It takes me back to the early 90s in terms of less complexity in guitars, simple bass line and straight forward drums.

I guess Blood Legion is ready to release something bigger than this, but the risk of not being accepted by the market is there. I mean, how many of Malaysians now dig this kind of old-school demo-era tunes?

Good job bros! I hope to have some more from Blood Legion..
For more information, contact the band: or

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