Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Majestic East "Mandau" EP 2012

Majestic East
Mandau EP 2012
Derangement Project Production

From the biography, it says that this band started back in late 1997. Their first demo was in 1999. Those were the years where I paid very little attention to the local underground scene, since I was graduated and just started my job back then.

Majestic East hailed from Sabah, a state in Malaysia which lately produced a  lot of materials and good bands. I myself had a crush with Crown Ov Horns since their 2009's "Ungodly Supremacy". Being an outcast from mainstream development in metal music industry, Sabahan tried to develop their own, which I found out to became a scene-with-the-most-bands until today.

Perhaps I have been exaggerating a little. But if we tracked our local scene in the early 90s, Sarawak had the good ones, like Ungodly Death, Sputum, Senseless, and not much came from Sabah until Mantak came with their "true" black metal image in 1998. From there, the Sabah scene was getting stronger.

Majestic East is a name that I don't register. In a recent trade with a Sabahan then I discover this band and I follow them in their myspace (although not much updates). Mandau is their first attempt EP released in 2012 (exact date is unknown). They played black metal, in melodic ways. I am not a black metal fan, so that was the first barrier causes me to be a little bit biased in combining the negative perception of black metal with their melodic sounds, which sounds too decent for me.

This 5-tracks EP is black metal, no doubt, if you are listening and paying attention to its vocal styles. Musically, it does have a combination of screeching black metal, with melodic riffs that might reminds me to Carpathian Fullmoon, or As-Sahar.

All in all, Majestic East still need a long way to improve its quality and musical arrangements. Not to forget to find the originality in delivering black metal is quite impossible. So there are bumps ahead and let's hope that Majestic East will find its way to progress.

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