Thursday, August 9, 2012

Humiliation signed to US-based Deepsend Records

Just an update from Humiliation camp.

After 3 full lengths, an MCD and a 7"EP, Humiliation is now stepping ahead by signing to US-based Deepsend Records. This, of course, portrays a new dimension in their musical history and hopefully by signing with an international label will bring value-added in terms of promotion and such.

Deepsend Records Signs HUMILIATION!!!

Malaysian war-themed death metal soldiers, Humiliation have signed a multi-album deal with Deepsend Records. Their as-of-yet untitled fourth album will be released in early 2013.
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  1. hebat... lepas ni senang nak tour ke US

  2. dengar cerita hujung tahun ni akan tour di europe. tahun lepas tour japan.