Sunday, September 2, 2012


Atomicdeath/ Bloodstone 
Hellish Nuclear Destruction Split CD 2011 
Blood of War Records

Upon hearing this release for the first time, I'd simply say that this is brilliant! Atomicdeath is a thrash band from Malaysia while Bloodstone is in the same genre from Singapore. Blood Of War Records? Sorry I don't really know about the label. But this release is pure awesome!

Started with Atomicdeath, whom first release "Missile Massacre" in 2009 has paved their own way of thrashing with copying Destruction. Original sounds don't come in package but they managed to create heavy sounds. The most inspire song for me from Atomicdeath is "Kombat Six Six Six", nicely written, some heavy shit we are talking about here!

After 5 tracks from Atomicdeath, Bloodstone came in. Again, it's thrash metal but in different angle from what Atomicdeath offered. Bloodstone is darker, more into Venom/ Onslaught kind of thrash metal. The music are much more complex yet tuned just to fit what thrashers are looking for. The riffs also reminds me to US-thrash metal bands such as Metallica, Dark Angel, Forbidden or Faith or Fear.

This complete package is perfectly done: the cover artwork is not bad, printed, organized in quality manner. The sounds are acceptable, for those who emphasis high-end quality sound should avoid this. This release remarks the rise of eastern old school thrash metal.


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