Saturday, September 1, 2012


Grinding Mother Wh*re CD 2012 
Grundar Productions

Malaysian Damokis is not a new name. Started in the mid 90s, Damokis, for me, was just like a side project of a well-known friend, Bob Agigi, who was also in Demisor/ Castigate. It happened that my perception prove to be wrong. Damokis is Damokis, as a grindcore band despite being old enough in the scene to just release an album in 2012.

In Damokis, I was overwhelmed with the shadow of Demisor. Perhaps the collaboration between those two bands in term of sharing of band members gave me this conclusion. Musically, Damokis is Damokis and far from what Demisor is. The grindcore offered by Damokis is colored by different and variety of riffs. Sudden changes in tempo and speed made this release reminds me a lot to the influences of hardcore/punk, some Impetigo-alike and Indonesian death metal bands.

There are 17 tracks in this CD, no lyrics available, and what for? The package is good and professional. To conclude, not much that we can expect in terms of differentiation in Damokis as we can always hear the same sound in other grindcore bands. Maybe I've been longing for more Nasum-alike grindcore. No doubt Damokis has gained international recognition (through international touring, radio, etc) but this CD is not played frequently in my player.

The classic collage style
Good package comes in!

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