Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thank you Mr. Malaysian Custom Department..

As a tax-payer, I, as a citizen of Malaysia, contribute to the nation's growth. Although the portion is small, yet it contributes to a tiny percent of the Malaysian Custom Department staffs' salaries (in fact all the government servants I think).

With all the pay increases yearly and bonuses the government servants had (included all those "duit Raya", which came from Government's funding, which means the contribution of all tax-payers) I am proud to have the Custom Department to serve professionally and ethically.

But after few years of buying goods from overseas, rarely I have complaining regarding the status or condition of the goods I have received. But this time it drives me nut to see the unprofessional, should I say unethical, behavior of handling materials, which was packed in bubbled envelope to ensure it safety.

 Looks like the bubbled-envelope doesn't help at all, or I guess, the misbehavior of those handling the materials was very unprofessional! The result: both CDs are unplayable, damaged, the cases are cracked.

Digibook seems find on the outside

And the back, oh so lovely

Cracked case 1
Cracked case 2

Cracked CD
Who should take responsibility for this?


  1. aku ada dengar kes2 cam ni "sengaja dirosakkan" oleh...

  2. heran, luaran ok dalam rosak sampai gitu.