Saturday, September 8, 2012


The Casket
Dead Is Alive MCD 2012
Earblast Records

Sabah is still increasing their productivity in producing metal releases. I am proud to present you THE CASKET's "Dead Is Alive" MCD/EP, their first roar ever as a band. What THE CASKET had to offer was not an errant to what our local death metal scene is offering. The music is intense death metal, something that reminds me to latter Dismember albums, Disincarnate, and a little bit of Obituary would help. The tracks are no-time-wasted, a straight flush of heaviness. On the other hand, the guitar works sounded harsh and destroyed half of my positive perspective.

My overall evaluation is this 4-track MCD is an average release. Although the song arrangements and vocal works were quite good, the band need to find a real drummer to add heaviness and originality. It is possible to get a deal or going further for the band, but again, it will be much easier to remain developed and progressed.

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