Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Paradise Lost
Tragic Idol CD 2012
Century Media Records

Ok, I must confess that starting on their 1999's "Host" I felt that Paradise Lost would never return to the dark path of doom metal. Things went too mellow for them since then. And another confession that I have to make is that I've never heard of their "Faith Divides Us...", their 12th album since I got a crack CD (thank you Mr. Postmastarrr!!). Therefore, I find it difficult to compare this 2012 "Tragic Idol" to their previous latest album.

Nevertheless, things went quite well after I spin the CD for the first time. The memories refreshed back with their "Icon" or "Draconian Times" era, where most of their dark sounds were still a contributing factor towards their heaviness. I thought that "Tragic Idol" is a great reminiscence of their mid-90s era, which more like a tombstone of death doom metal, and a new-born era of Depeche Mode-alike gothic metal.

Not that I totally ignore the slow paced gothic metal like what Paradise Lost offered. But to hear "Tragic Idol" the time slowly crept back not only to their 95's "Draconian Times", but it took me back to their 1991's "Gothic", an album that I favor most, and some riffs in this album (i.e. "Theories From Another World") are reminding me to their 1991's album.

So, how should I conclude all the elements in 2012's "Tragic Idol" without having to touch the technical aspects? I would say that this album has melancholic, melodic riffs, blended with semi-tortured clean vocals (somehow over Hetfields'), heavy drum works that varies parallel with the variation in guitar riffs, resulting a heavier gothic metal sound, of course intensity is an element that Paradise Lost tried to insert in all of their songs in this album.

I would say that "Tragic Idol" might not be the best album of 2012, but surely this album has been spinning for quite some time. Who knows, in a few days left, "Tragic Idol" might be nominated as the best 2012 album in my own chart. And oh, this album is highly recommended for those who are into their 2009's "Faith Divides Us.." and the early works of Greg Mackintosh (also his works in Vallenfyre).


  1. suka paradise lost tapi belum dengar lagik ni album..
    ni ko dah cakap gini ada cam draconian times, mesti alrite.

  2. Haha.. my 2 cents bro.. bukan profesional reviewer. kalau tak kena dengan citarasa, minta ampun awal2..

  3. album ini kira ok.. versi In Requiem sikit... killer song bagi aku Fear Of Impending Hell