Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Sacrifice The King MCD 2012
Xtreem Music

Once again, a comeback made from the Finnish gods of death metal, Purtenance. Are we had enough with this "comeback" events? Or we do need this "comeback" due to the fact that the scene is now crowded and overloaded with bands trying to be a copycat of what those 90s bands (or I'd say as early death metal bands if you are not fond of associating the term "90s death metal"), and we need those bands to revive and to show that all others are wimps and only the 90s death metal is real?

I don't prefer to say that those 90s bands could do better, especially a decade after the new millennium which mark a far milestone from the early 90s. Tastes and preferences are changing, although we are talking about the same sound of "old school death metal". The technology contributes to divide the gap of musical quality, and resulting the clean version of "old school death metal".

To cut the crap, Purtenance's comeback is one of the most anticipating event for me, but the MCD reflects biggest problem as what I explained in the first paragraph. In spite of having sounded like brutal and a VERY ORDINARY death metal, the productions of their debut "Members of Immortal Damnation" is far beyond what this MCD brings. Again, the differences of time (the debut was in 1992) makes my expectation towards this MCD slightly lower and thank God, the perceived quality of this MCD surpassed the expectation.

This MCD runs about 17 minutes, a period of semi-brutal death metal, leaving all the "old school", dark feelings which you can heard in their "Member..." debut. The MCD plays fast and without doubt, it is not a release that I will spin more and more. The guitar works are less distorted. If I could compare it to the Malaysian band, I would say that it is the sound when SUFFERCATION breaks a chain of brutality towards more groove in their third album "In Sufferance".

To conclude, I would say that PURTENANCE are doing fine. Their comeback is accepted positively worldwide, the supports are there. But as I said earlier, the expectation of what reformed bands are offering should be set lower to avoid any disappointment. I did that, and I glad that I am still a fan of PURTENANCE!


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  2. the album cover is great with great brutal 'sekolah lama' death!