Sunday, February 17, 2013

Siksakubur in Kuantan, after 6 years..

Mungkin bukan 6 tahun. Kali terakhir saya menonton live ialah Iron Maiden di Singapura. Sebelum itu, saya tak ingat. Jika ditolak Maiden (sebab konsertnya besar, bukan gig), maka kali terakhir saya menonton gig ialah 6 tahun lepas. Banyak yang dah tawar dalam hati ini untuk menonton gig.

Baru-baru inilah, saya pergi juga menonton Siksakubur. Niat lebih kepada nak buka table untuk menjual barang-barang yang tidak diingini. Di samping itu, dah lama tak gunakan kamera.

Fendi (Torch)










Descendant XII CD 2012
Khakan Production

Dark shadow metal, I remembered the first time I got in touch with the band back in 1995. I guess Hayagriva was among the first band who use "manager" in their management. Of course before that Lunatic Kadozz's demo had their "Prophetic Delusions Management" (if I'm not mistaken) and Sil-Khannas had "Ultra Hingax Productions" but in terms of contacting the band still directed to the band themselves.

Hayagriva, and the first time I got in touch with Norli of Khakan, got me a goosebump. Not only that the letter was full with occult symbols (you don't have to draw it now, just get the images from google image!), but also the thinking and dogma that surrounds his mind was quite unacceptable for my weak mind. I guess that was the time of "true black metal" waves that once struck in the history of underground. With limited source of information, people started to appreciate whatever that came and it sometimes surpassed this weak mind of me.

And last year, when I got their "Descendant XII", I realized that Hayagriva was not like the old one. Time has changed, molded them into a better band with right principles.

"Descendant XII", if I'm not mistaken, had the actual line up that recorded their 1995 "Lord of Neverending Wrath" demo. Maybe I lost track of their line-up changes. I missed their "Red Heaven". Musically, this Hayagriva, by all means, represents the upgraded version of their 1995 demo. Not only that their musical abilities developed, the sound quality is very acceptable. Originality is not an issue here because you can hear a lot of other bands in the world playing in the same genre. But for a Malaysia band to play in this kind of genre, with this quality,  is something that worth our hats off.

Not to forget, the total packaging is top notch! The artwork by Kompgraphner (Azmaniac of Langsuyr) is amazing, but it's not that I meant. The booklet quality, the typesetting remark a new dimension of album packaging that Malaysian bands should pay their attention.

Overall, 12 songs, delivered with fine skills and abilities, minus the originality, add the top notch packaging. There you are, Hayagriva's "Descendant XII" is one of my 2012's playlist.