Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The Shadow of Abomination 7"EP 2011
Iron Bonehead Records

I wouldn't say that I'm fan of blackened thrash metal, neither those terms as "bestial-fucking-blackenedeathrash-speed-metal" amused me in any way. But I personally think that these bands were overrated these days provided there are labels, mainstream or underground, which seek these bands. I can listen to black thrash, but it will just a mere listening without serious digestion.

PERVERSOR's 7"EP was one of my latest catch. To avoid the aforementioned situation, I tried to spin this EP for a third, then fourth round. But my conclusion is, I cannot take the fifth round.

I Hear Black ?!

The songs can be fast and thrashy all the way. The sounds are raw, bestial-alike, some sort of old Sarcofago, or might be Beherit. Torturing vocals are anticipated in this EP, it's like listening to O.L.D album with evil surroundings. Track titles are strong enough for KDN to seize this EP as a true evidence of "black metal". What could you expect when a narrow-minded person read a track title of "Extremist Satanism".

My review is not enough to persuade "true-Blasphemy-black-thrash-death" fans, but just to wrap up, this EP contains songs enough to make me try to seek something unique in this genre. A good presentation by Iron Bonehead, providing good evil songs from PERVERSOR. As I am writing this while hearing the EP spinning, I am looking for their previous releases.